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Author: Tin Pan
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People these days are getting obsessed by good shaped body. The obsession has reached such a level that people are ready to take any kind of risk to achieve that beautiful body. They fail to realise that in the rat race of achieving a great body they are compromising with their health. Health body has become secondary to a good looking body. The traditional diet plans take a longer time to help you achieve your goal.

With the increase in people’s fascination for a great body, each day sees a new crash diet plan coming in.
These diet plans have a single motive – to starve you.

One of them is the HCG injections. HCG injections in conjunction with a very low calorie diet help you with a very rapid weight loss.

HCG is a hormone that is produced in a large amount during pregnancy.
This hormone helps the pregnant lady metabolize the fat and make it available to the baby.

The theory behind this HCG injection is that, if it can metabolize the fat for a pregnant lady then it can do the same for anyone.

With this thought Dr. Simeons developed a Diet plan that would include a small dose of HCG injection with a very low calorie diet. This helped people in a rapid weight loss and was very effect for the obese people.

The HCG injection work towards reducing your appetite and increasing your metabolism.

The 500 calorie diet plan can work only in combination with the HCG injections.

One very common side effect of the HCG Injections may be blood clot, if the injection is not administered properly. The HCG injections suppress the hunger pangs.

The person put on the HCG injections may not feel hungry even if he is consuming as low as 500 calorie a day. The major drawback of the HCG injection is that it may cause serious vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Various side effects of the HCG injections:

Blood Clot:
HCG injections are best given by professionals.

Then too if you come across any blood clot symptoms like pain, headache, redness, dizziness immediately call for a medical help.

Allergic Reactions
Symptoms like breathing difficulty, swollen face or throat are an indication of some allergic reactions.

In these conditions it is advisable to cease the use of HCG injection and seek medical help right away. 

Popularly known as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, is a near fatal medical condition seen in a women.

If you find symptoms like severe pelvic pain, stomach pain and swelling, breathing problem, excess urination then immediately consult your doctor for OHSS. OHSS can be life threatening. 

Multiple Pregnancies:
HCG injections increase your chance of getting pregnant and having multiple pregnancies.

Multiple pregnancies pose a high risk to the mother and the baby.

Digestive Disorders:
There have been cases of digestive disorder in a person taking HCG injections.

Long term use of HCG can cause some serious effect to the digestive system. Diarrhea, less urination, vomiting are some of the symptoms of digestive disorder.

People put on HCG injections may encounter headaches. There are also possibilities of signs like irritability and restlessness.

It is highly recommended that in case the HCG injection user notices such kind of symptoms then they should immediately call for medical help and get treated.

After reading this article, do question yourself once. What is more important to you? - Your health or your looks. Is the HCG injection worth risking your health?

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