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Author: Tin Pan
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HCG Diet Pills in Place of Injections

With the growing popularity of the HCG diet plan, there are various methods that have come up to make the plan easier to administer. Earlier, the injections were the only way to complete the HCG diet plan. But now there are various forms of HCG shots available.

The various forms of HCG are accompanied with a very low calorie diet. The low calorie diet restricts your calorie intake to as low as 500 calories per day. The diet claims that people undergoing the HCG diet plan may loose up to 1-2 lbs every day.

The HCG diet plan conducted with injections was causing a lot of discomfort for those who took it. Then there was the invention of the new generation of the HCG diet plan – the pills. These pills are taken orally and are a very convenient tool for weight loss. They are also called HCG pellets.

Pills are a great replacement to painful injections and awful tasting drops. Any form of HCG shots you choose to take the diet plan remains the same.

Whether you go for injections or drops or pills, you will have to stick to the 500 calorie regimen. The HCG pills are new on the block but the results are the same as with injections. It is just that the pills are a more convenient way of going on to the diet.

The diet has a specific listing of what you can or cannot eat during the day. It recommends drinking a lot of fluids during the day to detoxify your body and increase weight loss.

Before going in for any kind of crash diet, do pause to think of the negative side effects that the diet plan is going to have. Be very sure of the fact that the HCG diet, along with the weight loss, brings with it some serious health issues.

You should be aware of all the possible effects of the HCG diet before starting it. There are many reasons why people go for these HCG diet pills. It is a convenient tool for weight loss. The HCG diet pills; when combined with the 500 calorie diet plan, gives excellent results.

The HCG diet pills are a quick solution for quick weight loss. Although the HCG diet pills are available without a doctor’s prescription, it is advisable that you take these pills under the guidance of a professional to avoid risking your health.

The HCG diet plan works very well and gives faster results if you follow a healthy lifestyle along with consuming the HCG Diet pills.

The HCG diet pills have claimed to help millions in shedding their obesity but it remains amidst controversies.

Apart from being a superb weight loss therapy, it has its own negative side. Many people may feel dizzy, or have vomiting sensations, or feel fatigued, when on this plan.

There have also been complaints like headaches, mood swings, blood pressure etc. In spite of all this, the HCG Diet plan is the best fat burner according to both doctors and users alike. The HCG diet pills are available online as well with the HCG pharmacist.

The HCG diet pills are the result of people’s demand for a convenient HCG weight loss supplement. The HCG hormone suppresses hunger and increases metabolism.

People on the HCG diet plan are not allowed more than 500 calories per day but in spite of this, they don’t feel hungry.


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