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Author: St. Pan
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The usual reality is a beauty version of Groundhog Day: stunning changes, big plans and illusions that falls apart in a few months (or weeks).

But this time can be different: we can learn to eat healthier, to be motivated, to make more sport and to finally approach to our physical ideal.

The problem is the following: as higher objectives we establish, as much we need a stronger motivation to accomplish them - hence, the failure.

Consequently, it is important to make some small, prepping steps for getting, eventually, closer to our ideal. So, here's the Easyarea guide for getting the dreamed body and for keeping it, based on feasible steps and easy to achieve targets.

The perfect diet plan is not to be on diet, but to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle: to eat smart and to move smart! 


Even if we learned from little that breakfast is the most important meal, which it is so, and that it has to be very rich, exaggerating the portions can be damaging for the body:

instead of energize it, it can slow the metabolism.

Still, a correct eating adjusts the intake for the whole day, limits the possibility of excesses at the next meals and stimulates the metabolism from the first hours.  

For reducing the execisse amount of calories at breakfast use the next tricks:

- Choose grains, instead of muesli with chocolate or dried fruits, with milk or yoghurt. 

- Eat an egg or a few whites with low fat cheese and a piece of chicken chest, instead of omelet with cheese and bacon. 

- Eat biscuits made with grains and a simple yoghurt, instead of buttered croissant with chocolate milk - Prefer brown bread with cheese cream, instead of white bread with butter and jam. 

- Prefer brown sugar if you want to sweeten your coffee or tea, but reduce as much as possible the amount of it.

Even if, at the beginning it will seem strange to drink the tea and even your coffee unflavored, you will get used it time.

Fight bloating 

For reducing the risk of bloating we must take care of what and how we eat. 

Frequent meals  

Eat once at 3 hours for improving the digestion. This way, the portions will be smaller and easily to digest and, moreover, the body will constantly have energy. 

- Chew slowly 

It is needed for about 20 chews for only a swallow.

Don't talk while you eat

Don't eat when standing on your feet and don't do other things that eating. 

- Fruits, only as snacks 

Fruits won't be consumed as dessert at the main meal because by association with other food can lead to bloating.

Moreover, eaten only separated they will ease the complete absorption of the vitamins and antioxidants. 

- Don't avoid cooked meals 

The fibers contained in vegetables, fruits and grains in your daily diet are absolutely necessary, but their excessive and exclusive intake in raw shape can make them really hard to tolerate for your body.

In this case prefer the cooked ones (soups steamed or baked vegetables) for reducing a part of the fibers amount. 

Destroyed myth: not all the carbs are noxious.

A study made on 4.451 people showed that the ones that consumed regularly carbs were slimmer.
Carbs from processed food are the real problem.

In biscuits, cookies and muffins all the beneficial effect is lost. Instead, you get a lot of added sugar, salt and preservatives.


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