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Author: St. Pan
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The second part of a smart diet is sport. But not anyhow because not all the exercises have the same efficiency - some of them tone faster the muscles and at the same time burn better the fats.

Often asked what exercises have more effect, tested the most popular exercises, measuring the muscles' activity and the generated effort by each and one of them.

Here are the most effective moves for muscular toning:

The best exercises for but

From the 8 type of tested moves (including the squats and the lunges with dumbbells), the quadruple extension of the hip, also called as "donkey kick", came on the first place.

Donkey kick:

Start by sitting on your knees, supported in your hands, with the knees under your hips and the palms right under your shoulders.

By keeping the right foot bent in a 90 degrees angle, bring it to the chest and, then, lift it up towards the roof. Do the both feet even! 

The best exercises for abs 

Remaining undiscovered which the best exercise is for everyone,
the traditional bicycle was considered the best move for training the abdominal muscles, while the captain's chair is the best for the side muscles. 


Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, lightly supporting it with your fingers.

Bring the knees in to the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on the neck. Rotate to the left, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee as you straighten the other leg. Switch sides, bringing the left elbow towards the right knee.

Captain's chair: 

Stand on the chair and grip handholds to stabilize your upper body.

Press your back against the pad and contract the abs to raise the legs and lift knees towards your chest. Don't arch the back or swing the legs up.

The best exercises for arms

The triangular version of the classical pushup it was proved to be the most effective.

The triangular pushup: 

Begin the move by positioning the hands on the mat directly under the chest with the fingers spread and the thumbs and forefingers touching, making a triangle shape.

Straighten the legs into a plank position (harder) or keep the knees on the floor for an easier version. Make sure the back is flat and the abs is engaged as you bend the elbows, lowering until your chin or chest touches the mat.

If you can't go that low, go as low as you can and work to build enough strength to lower all the way down over time. At the bottom of the movement, your elbows will naturally flare out to the side.

Destroyed myth:

The evening fitness session doesn't affect the sleeping program.

A study made in Finland stated that the ones that prefer to do sport at the end of the day sleep better than the others.

The music of the training

Physical exercises done while you listen to the music mean more than to turn on your Shuffle iPod.

The researches prove that the right single can help you extend the duration of your training session with 15%.


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