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Author: Gloria V. Pan
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What to Speak to your Doctor before Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has become a popular cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure these days. It is a surgical procedure undertaken in order to enhance the overall shape of the nose or reconstruct it. Mostly people go for the procedure in order to enhance the appearance of their nose.

Many celebrities and renowned singers from Hollywood have gone through this procedure t improve their look.

The Rhinoplasty surgery procedure consists of 2 techniques. Both these techniques involve incisions on the nose.

The surgery should be conducted by experienced and certified surgeon. This is a serious operation and must be handled by an experienced professional.

Usually the surgeon assesses the problem area and suggests a specific shape to the client. The client can also demand a specific look.

This would be further decided by the doctor about whether or not the results are possible as expected by the client.

The final decision will be of the surgeon as the surgeon knows bets about the result that is best obtainable under a situation.

False promises are not made to please clients. If you have decided to go for a nose job, it is important to have a long detailed consultation session with your surgeon.

Once you have decided on reputed and thoroughly professional surgeon, it is time to fix up a meeting and talk to the surgeon.

Make sure that the surgeon is able to solve all the queries and doubts you have in your mind regarding the surgical procedure.

The Surgeon

The surgeon whom you have finalized on performing the rhinoplasty should be capable to answer all questions and queries you have in mind. In case, you have a doubt I mind that is not solved by the surgeon, do not go ahead with the procedure.

You can ask about the overall procedures involved, the exact result, the cost, side effects, possible complications, after care, past cases and a lot more. Understand that surgery regardless of small or big, is a serious issue. You must be 100 per cent sure of the results prior to going ahead with it.

Ask the surgeon about his experience, past successful cases, his clients, qualifications, certifications awarded; satisfied clients and how confident he is about your case.

Understand that it is very important for the surgeon to be confident about the case.

In case, he is not confident of the results, there is no way in which you can obtain desired results. Double confirm the results with your surgeon prior to finalizing on anything.

The number of successful nose jobs undertaken by a surgeon will tell you about his expertise on the operation table.

Another important thing to do is to know about the procedure in detail. This will give you the confidence to go under the knife.

The key is to prepare a list of questions that you must ask the surgeon. There is no rule for asking the number of questions to your surgeon.

You can fix up a meeting if you are not satisfied. Ask your surgeon to make you understand the whole procedure step-by-step.

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