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Author: John Pan
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Top Celebrities with Successful Cosmetic Surgery

It is really no secret that most celebrities go under the knife to enhance their beauty and figure. The fact is usually kept under wraps.

This is because celebrities and media want common people to be in awe of these celebrities and keep wondering about what keeps them looking so beautiful and in shape.

However, with the promotion of cosmetic surgery, people are now aware of what keeps celebrities looking drop dead gorgeous and young for a long time.

There are many top Hollywood celebrities who have gone under the knife many times to get the kind of look people would die for.

Celebrities are also afraid of public knowing that they possess certain imperfections. Here is a list of some of the hottest celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their beauty.

Christina Aguilera

The famous singer is also popular for her beauty. She has had a breast augmentation. In fact, her rival Britney Spears was also accused of the surgery which she has denied firmly.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is considered to be the hottest celebrities today. In case, you have noticed her old pictures, she had wider nose bridge.

Today, she has a slimmer nose. It is a product of expensive plastic surgery she had in her quest to look better.

Ashlee Simpson

She is little sister to Jessica Simpson. Ashlee underwent a rhinoplasty to make her nose look slimmer than it was earlier. However, she is seen denying this. The older pictures of her confirm the surgery.

Cheryl Cole

This beautiful singer from the group Girls Aloud has enhanced her smile via using veneers. Her older pictures show her with crooked teeth and overweight.


Also known as the hottest singing celebrity, Fergie underwent a surgery to have beautifully arched eyebrows and fuller lips. If you notice her older pictures, she had a different arch and narrower lips.

Lil' Kim

Lil' Kim is a popular female rapper. She has a face that resembles that of a cat. This is the result of plastic surgery she had to create a unique look.

The look also came due to many plastic surgery she underwent in her attempt to look beautiful.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison falls is a hot reality TV celebrity. She is very popular for being the top girl of Hugh Hefner's for many years. She also appeared on the super hit TV show "The Girls Next Door."

The before pictures of Madison showed her nose was beak shaped and large. Today she has a straight and slimmer nose. This is a result of plastic surgery.

Victoria Beckham

She is the wife of soccer stud David Beckham. She got breast implants when she was still a part of the famous singing group referred to as the Spice Girls.

Victoria also confesses that breast augmentation is the only plastic surgery she has had.

Hilary Duff

Duff is a Disney celebrity. She admits to have undergone veneers on her teeth. Reports also say that she has undergone breast surgery just before her wedding.

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