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Author: St. Pan
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Plastic surgeries have always fascinated women, each and one of them wanting to change something at her aspect deep in her heart.

Breast or nose was until now the primary targets, but for now the trendiest plastic surgery is the remodeling of the chin.

Imagine yourself that you are at a party, you are having fun, you are tasting an appetizer, drink a cocktail and you are feeling good.

But, the next day, surprise: photos with you and your double chin are spreading all over the Facebook!

What is to be done?

You can join to the big group of persons who appeal to chin remodeling and who transformed this intervention into the most solicited one.

With an increase of the demands with 71 points percent, chin remodeling has surpassed the other extremely popular surgeries such as liposuction, breast augmentation and even botulin toxin injections.

According to the statistical dates from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin implant is at this moment the most solicited plastic surgery.

"To have a very firm chin is something that you can't achieve through diets or sports", says Dr. Darrick Antell, an aesthetician from Manhattan and professor at Columbia University. "You either are born with it, or you appeal at a plastic surgeon in order to improve your look", also says him.

Not only the women are crowding to remake their chin, but also do men.

In the United Sates, 21.000 people let themselves on surgeons’ hands for remodeling their face aspects.

How did this craziness start?

The experts sustain that age and the aesthetic modifications that are occurring because of the ageing are to blame.

"The most of them who ask for these interventions are people past 40, age when youth starts to remain behind us", explained Dr. Darrick Antell. "The skin is starting to lose its firmness, the volume of the face is going down and remaking the line of the under-jaw is the best solution for an immediate improvement".

Still, chin remodeling is not a surgery lacking in risks.

Specialists warn that there is a risk for infection of 5-7 percent and that you also have to pay attention at the doctor that you let your face to handle.

His experience should be the most important aspects in choosing him.

In conclusion, you must analyze very well every aspect. Start by looking into the mirror and do not be too exigent with yourself.

If, however, you think that you definitely need a chin remodeling, than begin to search the options from your town and be sure you wait until you afford the best doctor. The „better safe than sorry” saying is very important when we are talking about plastic surgery, especially in facial ones.


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