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Since the first breast augmentation surgery at the end of the 19th century made with own fat injection, followed by silicone implants in the 60s, the interventions for reshaping the breasts size were the main pillar of plastic surgery’s development. presents you now a new technique for breast augmentation.

The Brava system is a revolutionary procedure worldwide, allowing breasts augmentation by injecting your own fat.

The principle is not new in plastic surgery, but that only the technique of doing this procedure. The system is based on the fact that, if you obey an organ to small constant pressure for a long period of time, it triggers the formation of new cells and tissue.

To be more accurate, for 10 hours a day, at least 10 weeks two cups with a vacuum pump are applied on the breasts, it doesn’t hurts, and it doesn’t feel.

The entire procedure involves wearing an external expander System (Brava)

Followed by injecting your own fat harvested from areas where there is a surplus (thighs, hips, knees). The patients will benefit of a breast augmentation and a body remodelling.

How much will the breasts grow with the Brava system?

Women who used the Brava system report improved breast volume ranging between half and two numbers plus the bra size, compared to the original size.

By this I mean a stable growth, long termed.

Results vary depending on individual biologic factors, the frequency of usage of the Brava system, the number of hours a day and number of weeks.

Another factor is about the expectations of every woman.

The more a woman wants a bigger increase of the cup, the more she will have to use the system longer.

The minimum period required to have visible and lasting effects is 10 weeks.

During this time wearing the Brava System for 10 hours a day triggers an expansion in the mammary gland tissue that allows in most cases an increase, a raise of the breast with one cup in addition from where you started. Approximately 100cc enlargement of the breasts.

The breast augmentation is a slow one, progressive

The tissue growth lasts forming cells and blood vessels that will nourish the tissues, and this cannot happen in a day.

Initial volume increase is largely due to local edema, with little real tissue growth, but weeks of continuous wear of the Brava system triggers and sustains a stable and permanent grow.

The secret of a perfect breasts augmentation with the Brava system consists precisely in every woman’s capacity to wear the device daily, for a long period of time, 10-14 weeks.

The more the system is worn; the growth will be more effective.


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