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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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Botox is not your only option, if you want to get rid of the wrinkles and to keep the youth of your skin.

The specialists brought on market some efficient treatments, non-surgical which save you from the risk that the Botox injections involve.

A treatment like this is the one that uses the effects of the botulin toxin with the ones of the viper.
This guarantees to reduce the wrinkles up to 52% in only a month.

Moreover, you don't risk any trauma of your skin.

BOTU VIP, for instance, makes possible the local inhibition of the responsible factors for skin's tension, without any traumatizing injections.
In this treatment, the ingredient named Fillox has similar effects with the ones of the botulin toxin, by lowering the muscles' ability of contracting.

Here, there are added some filling micro-spheres that smooth visibly the skin's surface.

The botulin toxin presents some unbeatable advantages:
the complexion is immediately younger, while the Botu Vip treatment obtains the same effects after a treatment cure that lasts approx. 6 sessions".

Still, the injections with botulin toxin present some risks,
side effects that we don't find at Fillox: drooping eyelids and eyebrows, the frozen expression of the face, bruises, headaches, and the facial asymmetry.

Also, Botox is a temporary solution that has a higher cost than Fillox.

Another ingredient is SYN-AKE, derived from snake venom.
You don't have to be afraid, because there is no risk in this treatment, assures you the experts.

SYN-AKE is 100% sure. In the laboratory the real molecule that provokes the heart's paralysis was isolated.

So, the experts have produced a derived of this one that has a paralysis effect only over the contraction of the facial muscles. The muscles relax, this way, and they don't allow the birth of other wrinkles.

How is this treatment applied?
After what the skin is cleaned and peeled, the cream for treatment is applied.

With the help of some devices (VIP-STICKS) a vibrational massage is realized for 10-15 minutes on each are with wrinkles.

After this, a special serum is applied on each wrinkle and they are covered with some patches that will increase the efficiency of this serum.

Only after the patches are taken off, the BOTU-VIP mask is applied and let to act for 15 minutes, explains the specialist.

After each session, there are recommended the usage of complementary creams and serums, for an increased effect.

How often should this treatment be repeated in one month?

The visible results are immediate (even after a single session, the complexion becomes instantly brighter), but for long term results, the experts recommend a cure of treatment of 6 sessions, once a week.


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