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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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Many women are worried about their reduced breasts' size, this imperfection may be the source of some major psychological issues, of self-confidence lack, which can affect negatively the personal, social life or the career.

Even though there are some women that demand breast lifting or deflation, the most solicited surgery is breast augmentation.

In spite the "traditional" means, silicones aren't the most solicited interventions for women.

Surgeons recommend simpler means such as injecting the woman's own fat.

According to a latest study made by the American researchers, fat collected through liposuction represents a viable alternative to traditional silicones, but only for some women.

This surgery consists in two interventions:

cropping the fat and injecting it.

So, the first condition is to have a donating area, with excessive fat somewhere in your body.

In the first stage, the fat is extracted from the abdominal area or thighs trough liposuction (with laser).

There can't be injected more than 200 ml of fat per one session, so the ones that want bigger breasts need to have more interventions.

Breast enlargement trough one's own fat is a surgery without scars, being less traumatic for breasts. The only incision that has to be done is about 4 cm for extracting the fat.

The injection with fat it's the perfect solution even for correcting sagging breasts, according to a study from US.

It has been proven that these injections not only enlarge the breasts, but also have good results if there is needed a lifting.

All these eliminate the risks associated with silicone implants.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage consists in using cellules from your own body.

So there is no risk of rejection and the augmentation is natural, without scars.

The second advantage is that you get rid of undesired fat from your body, the only scars existent being the ones from the liposuction.

Although it seems less invasive and more "natural" than classical augmentation surgery, injecting fat can have some disadvantages.

The result lasts only for some years.

Generally, we are speaking for duration of 2 years. After this period, half of the injected fat is reabsorbed and if you lose weight, your breasts are getting smaller.

If you’re still not convinced about untraditionally techniques maybe you will like what future may bring.
Another revolutionary augmentation technique was discovered by Japanese researchers. 

They claim that stem cellules can enlarge breast size with 4 cm.
This one can also be used for breast lifting. The principal advantage is that the patient won't suffer any surgery, so no scars at all.

The intervention consists only in injecting stem cellules and there is no recovering period or risk of rejection.

How is this working?
Experts say that stem cellules are going to regenerate and after a couple of years your breasts will grow.

So, the results are seen only in time, this being the only disadvantage of the technique.


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