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Even the most ardent makeup fans have difficulties in keeping up with the newest and most interesting mascara appearances.

On cosmetic markets, new models are introduced in every season, each brand inventing something.

Of course, one thing never changes - the promise that using a certain product, your eyelashes will be irresistible.

Dior Extase "Purple Revolution Collection"

Dior Extase in Prune 871 shade is part of the Purple Revolution collection and it is the only colored mascara from it.

The formula
with micro-spheres covers uniformly the eyelashes and elongates them considerably. Also, the powder contained doubles each lash, giving that rich lashes impression.

The ceramide
formula fortifies the lashes and prevents their falling.

For the fall/winter season, Dior Extase is available in violet shade for giving depth to the blue and green eyes and for complimenting the brown ones. Must try!

Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara

As a famous makeup artist, Laura Mercier truly knows the dramatic impact for a look by the simple presence of false lashes.

With this thought in mind, she launched the most recent mascara of the brand under the premise that it will have a "faux lash" effect.

The waxed formula
, instead of fibered, confers a glossy finish and offers the possibility of applying more layers without a heavy look.

Eyeko Curvy Brush Mascara

Max and Nina Leykind, the creative minds behind the awarded brand Eyeko, perfected the recipe of their cosmetics.

In present, they can pride with one of the most appreciated mascaras, available online.
The great formula is enriched with Shea butter and keratinand the helicoid brush confers brightness, increasing optically the eyes.

L'Oreal Power Volume Collagen

Power Volume Collagen mascara is
a waterproof product with a generous applicator which truly allows covering the lashes with a big amount of product.

Also, it shrouds graciously the lashes in
collagen spheres.The impact is felt through the volume obtained and the lifting of the lashes.

Unfortunately, it is not separating the lashes, but it realizes what it promises and confers that aspect of often lashes.

MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara

The new MAC product
has the thinnest and common brush from all the mascara that we've presented, but don't be fooled!

The formula of this mascara is priding with a power of sticking to your lashes
up to 16 hours without fading!

We love it for the manner through which it separates and elongates each lash.

Have you tried any new mascara recently or you prefer to stick to the classical variants?


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