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That eye shadow quad with the ethereal colors, embossed in the shape of a butterfly and enclosed in a heavy gold case with its own miniature brush may be exactly what you needed but is also unbelievably expensive. A savvy beauty will weigh the pros and cons of product. You may be able to find a version of the same thing at a more affordable price.


Most makeup is produced by just a handful of cosmetics manufacturers, but each company has their own formulations.

Drugstore eye shadow may be made in the same cosmetics plant but may have a different texture than a high-end brand. Some companies add silicone or have pigments ground more finely to produce a silkier texture.

For girls on a budget, many inexpensive lines have amped up their quality and you can find bargain products that are as equally effective as their lux counterparts.

Color Selection

When you compare cheap makeup to expensive, one of the things that may stand out is the colors.

If you are looking for a standard brown or champagne eye shadow, you'll have no problem finding it at the drugstore. However, if you're searching for that perfect shade of celadon green, you may have to upgrade.

One of the most pronounced examples of this color disparity is with blush colors.

Most drugstore brands offer fewer than four shades of blush,
so to find a hot coral shade to match your new maxi dress; you might need to explore pricier brands.


Makeup packaging is where you will notice the biggest difference between less and lush.

Most high-end brands have a signature look, which is catnip for the label obsessed. When you pick up a 30€ lipstick, there will likely be a weighty feeling to the tube.

With foundations, powders and shadow compacts, a heavy gold or glossy black is the standard. With an inexpensive brand, it will likely be packaged in a clear or tinted lightweight packaging.

If you're a makeup junkie and want to carry beauty loot in your purse, you may want to think about how those heavy metals add up.

Cost Per Wear

When weighing a decision to splurge, consider cost per wear, just as you would with an expensive piece of clothing.

Are you buying that lipstick to match your special dress for a big event? If you may only wear that port wine color twice a year, it may be best to consider the 5€ version.

However, if you've fallen in love with gold shadow and plan to make it part of your signature look, then a splurge isn't out of the question.


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