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Author: Julia Alberts
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Top ten social networking websites for medical professionals

As most of us already know, social networking is the current order of the day. A single day in our lives does not pass without, at least once, checking all the social networking websites out there that we are “proud” members of. Every site you visit nowadays is somehow linked to some social networking site out there.

The whole concept of social networking is moving towards a rather professional approach; every organization out there has a page on networking giants like Facebook or MySpace and they tend to judge their popularity based on the number of members who join the page, in addition to that there are social networking sites out there, like LinkedIn, with the sole purpose of bringing competent professionals together.

So with social networking taking on this new professional form, there are many out there who wonder which would be the correct social network for them, hence, this article is aimed at highlighting a couple of famous social networking websites out there crafted specifically for medical professionals.

Some of these websites are rather broad based and likewise have members from diverse fields in the healthcare industry, while some of them target specific healthcare professional as their members, such as doctors, nurses, or any other type of medical professional. This list highlights a few sites, to help one decide which of the networking sites meets your networking needs.

1. Medical Mingle

The first website we talk about is Medical Minglewhich is basically a website created by the proprietors of Absolutely Health Care, a medical job panel. 

Medical Mingle, as described at the site itself, is primarily a"free specialized social network for people interested in, working in, servicing, or studying for a profession in the medical or health care field..." Medical Mingle offers various services which principally include blogging, job postings, and career resources.

2. MedXCentral

Second on the list is MedXCentralwhich is another social networking site that is welcoming to medical mavens of any category or role; regardless of your vocation, whether on the clinical side or the manufacturing side of healthcare, you can find many people like yourself that you can connect to, on MedXCentral.

MedXCentral, unlike other social networking sites, is organized into assemblies which are subsections of a grander communal.

One has the option to join certain groups and communities based on his or her role, or even the subspecialty, within the healthcare field. 

MedXCentral works in unification with many prominent sites like Twitter and YouTube. Jim Canto, who is the prime creator of the network, frequently posts news and update information regarding the entire medical industry.

3. Sermo (for physicians only)

Third on the list we have an oddly convenient and rapidly expanding site (Sermo's site claims that currently it has 112,000 physician members across 68 specialties) named Sermo.

The site principally targets physicians as its prime members; the site, when you sign up to join the network,necessitates that you submit authentic professional and individual verifiable material in order to make sure that you are indeed a physician.

According to the website itself, one of the physician members pronounced the network as a "highly knowledgeable, vivacious, live community of doctors." 

Sermo permits physicians to reconnoiter various job prospects, part clinical info and even do case studies online.

Additionally the site offers features that include interrelating with drug experts, partaking in forums with important people, and abundant other prospects to get involved, share,learn and, in some particular cases, earn money.

4. Ozmosis (physicians only)

For physicians primarily based in the US there is the much famed site Ozmosis. Like Sermo, Ozmosis is also a social network exclusive for physicians but unlike Sermo they have an additional prerequisite of the physician being “U.S. verified “only. 

While the social networkappears to have much in common with Sermo, it is not as big or as recognized as Sermo.  

Ozmosis was partially formed by an MD, and the website is advertised as the most "trusted physician network”


Like Sermo is for physicians, is for nurses;the network is considered one of the most recognized and largest for nurses.

Though there is insufficient evidence to back up this argument, the websiteis surely one of the most active ones out there, built on the quantity of threads and the numeral of active readers at any given point in time. 

Moreover, the site is well-organized with a user-friendly interface and is effortlessly circum navigated.

6. - Nursing Forum bids alternative hefty, appealing nurse communal online.  The site, on average, bargains above 12,000 job placements in accumulation to nursing news, discussionsforum along with many other facilities.


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