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Author: Steve Smakin
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Social Networking: Adept Marketing Strategy for your Business

It is no secret that social networking has appeared as a hotter topic these days. This leaves you with no reason to ignore these when it comes to applying an effective marketing strategy for your business. Social networking sites are new to the world.

They have been running online for a long time now. You would be surprised to know that the first social networking site was launched almost thirteen years ago.

It was known as SixDegrees. Today there is no dearth of these sites. You can now enjoy access to some of the biggest of these such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Reaching out to a social network and people linked to it effectively will allow you to benefit from it maximum. Make sure you start off with choosing the correct social network via keeping in mind the country you reside in.

Different countries across the globe use different social networking site. You would be surprised to know that popular site Facebook enjoys 430,000,000 users, MySpace is accessed by 110,000,000 people and LinkedIn enjoys over 35,000,000 users. Here is list of order of preference for networking sites for different countries across the globe.

Country                   Social networking sites preferred
* Canada                 Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live Profile
* China                   Baidu Space, QQ Alumni, Kaixin001
* France                  Facebook, Skyrock, Windows Live Profile
* India                    Orkut, Facebook, Bharatstudent
* USA                      Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn
* United Kingdom     Facebook, Windows Live Profile, Bebo

Most of the professional networks prefer using Linked In. This has resulted in with a positive impact on their business. You need to try out social networking sites as a marketing strategy to benefit from it. There are many ways in which these sites can help in promoting your business.

Experts in the field of using social networking sites as business marketing strategy usually recommend a step by step advance into social networks. You also require setting aside some time and money to benefit from a well planned social networking marketing strategy.

Here is how to make it big in your business via using networking marketing strategy:

Step One:

The first thing to do is to establish a blog in your business website combining an associated RSS feed. RSS is an acronym for Real Simple Syndication feed.

This will help you to integrate social sites such as Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn automatically into your company. There are many benefits of this kind of approach. This helps you to keep things simple and save time posting on different networks.

Step Two:

You need to focus on growing your social network actively. This is the best way to expand your marketplace reach.

Step Three:

Try running comments actively and consistently on various business activities and offers. This will help you build successful business relationships and expand your business in a profitable way.

The efforts should also involve targeted advertising. Know which particular social networking site will offer you better returns in your demography.

Following the steps mentioned above will help you use social networking sites successfully as a marketing strategy for your business.


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