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Author: Steve Smakin
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Making Facebook Kid-friendly

There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook access does not set any age limit. When safely used, the site will explore new ways to enjoy the best of social networking.

Howvere one question that disturbs most parents and guardians about Facebook is whether it is safe for kids. They want to know about the pros and cons of allowing their kids to access Facebook.

Children of all ages can easily log onto Facebook. All they require doing is to create an account on Facebook. Children are reaching out to the cafes and doing more than just friendships on this most popular social networking site. 

They are communicating with their friends. There is no problem in this. However it is also true that the World Wide Web is full of predators. They are just waiting for your kids to come online.

It is very important to make sure that Facebook is a safe place to be for kids. Here are some tips to make it kid friendly. All you require doing is to follow the tips mentioned below.

Warn before they open an account

You need to strictly stop your kid from using Facebook when you are not around. This may be very difficult. You would not be able to handle all the raving and ranting they will indulge in for opposing what you have ordered. Just think it thus way.

How would you handle the opposition of your child when you want to give him a medicine that the doctor has strictly prescribed? You will go to any length to make sure that the child eats the medicine. You need to follow the same route here. This is the question of saving your child from online predators.

Supervise Closely

This is very important. Make sure that you supervise your kids when they use Facebook. It would be wise to allow them to use Facebook that consist of 500 million users. Do this when you are at home. Also make sure that you are in the same room studying that your kids are doing well and not landing up in a serious problem.

No Leaking of Personal Information

Strictly stop your kids from leaking out their personal information online. Make sure that they do not expose their ages, physical address or phone number online.

Give Authority to the eldest Child

This trick really works. If you allow your eldest child the right to access Facebook and tell him about his/her rights, then the child ill feel responsible and use Facebook more responsible. Make sure you do this when you are with your child.

Monitor Facebook Activities

Strictly watch Facebook activities of your child. You need to make your child sit just next to you when they access Facebook.

Friends of your Child on Facebook

Instruct your child to make friends with only people they are already acquainted with. These people should also have their real pictures posted on their Facebook profile page.

Following the instructions mentioned above can help you make Facebook child friendly and safe.


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