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Author: Steve Smakin
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Employers have Cautioned Young Adults against Facebook Postings

Employers have recently warned that young adults need to be extremely careful while posting on Facebook. This is because many other than their friends might be surfing around and getting a clear picture of their pages.

According to the Finance Manager of Adam Sherman at the Lynn Brotherhood Credit Union, it is absolutely illegal to refute a job to an applicant based on pictures on Facebook.

Youngsters should stay alert as there is nothing that can stop them from searching their name and profile on Google.

In fact, Sherman clarifies that the first link showing up on any search engine is an individual’s profile on Facebook page.

In case, Facebook instantly shows up with your name, the company will decide on what to be done next. Sherman has confirmed this.

The basic criterion of the company is to know how much of public info is available about the applicant on the World Wide Web.

Sherman has strictly advised all young adults to instantly “clean up” their Facebook pages. This also include taking down the pictures if needed.

There are many things that can evoke concerns according to Sherman. He feels that a portrait is “worth a thousand words”. In case, an applicant to the job is young, he would think that the pictures posted on a social networking site are absolutely harmful.

However, this might not be the case with the one who is interviewing at the other end. The interviewer might be around 60 years of age and unable to make out what exactly is going on in the photos posted on the net!

Sherman also warns that apart from pictures, one should also be very careful about posting daily status updates.
He fees that some people swear like seamen. This is not exactly a reputed organization is looking for. A company gets idea about the person’s nature via what he talks and how he feels online.

If the applicant does not not hold any qualms about talking and expressing every opinion openly, he might also don’t mind speaking about the company and the people who work in it.

Sherman wants to warn applicant about the effect social networking sites have on them. He cautions that the boss will have an opinion of his.

This might be easy to cope up with. However, it might not be tolerable for the company about how customers will see the profile pictures and status updates of the company employees they deal with. This might go against scoring a job in a reputed organization.


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