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Author: Steve Smakin
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The LinkedIn Magic Works

LinkedIn is everywhere these days. This was not expected when it was first released in the social networking arena. The founder of this popular networking joint, Reid Hoffman is not a typical computer geek.

In fact, he first bought a computer for himself only during his college years. He was definitely a person who was mesmerized by the thought of enhancing human ecosystems. This notion and passion helped and inspired Hoffman to develop the super hit social networking site, LinkedIn.

He realized the potential of software development. It can drastically change human lives. Hoffman devoted his skills and valuable time to Apple and Fujitsu and then started off with a social networking site, Socialnet.

This was not enough to satisfy the aspirations Hoffman had. He got to know about and work with PayPal. This allowed him to explore the pace at which the world was changing. The workplace was going to get revolutionized for good.

No one was supposed to carry on with the same task for coming decades. Change was necessary and inevitable too. The better change was seen through the invention of LinkedIn. This helped a lot of pro-active people who wanted to get better results from their efforts to find a good job.

They want the best from ideas and opportunities available for them. The Internet also experienced a revolutionary change with the introduction of LinkedIn. This was something the visitors never experienced before.

Reid Hoffman wanted to gift a better way to connect to the world. He was aware of the impact of social networking sites on people. Hence he thought of bringing in something new to this area. LinkedIn was an attempt from his side to fill the gap.

He tried a better way to bring employers and employees. Individuals can also benefit with this all new concept of social networking site. Now people from all walks of life can create a virtual community of their own.

When well executed, this concept can take shape of an interactive community. This will act as a site where people can exchange their ideas, skills, resumes, and even discuss business opportunities. This will also serve as a platform that will help people expand their professional profiles.

There is no requirement of a middleman to apply or reach out to a new job opportunity. Any kind of job from full time to part-time, freelance and creative can be applied for and undertaken without any requirement for middleman. Direct contact is possible in every way. This saves s a lot of time and money on the behalf of the aspirant.

LinkedIn is also a great way to enjoy a framework that allows you to solve problem quickly. You can easily establish connections in a lively and interactive specialized community. LinkedIn was established way before older and famous social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

LinkedIn is basically devoted to a virtual professional community. It holds tremendous potential to translate individuals’ dream into professional reality for many. LinkedIn can turn your professional dreams into reality.


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