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Author: Julia Alberts
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Job hunt made easier than ever

Are you currently unemployed and looking for a job? Well, let me tell you a story that will surprise you and maybe teach you a thing or two about finding a job in the era of social networking.

My dear friend Cathy lost her job, she was very upset or rather hysterical and then in just 10 days she landed herself a job in one of the most successful newspaper offices, how did she do this? Social networking my friend, that’s how she did it.

The old methods like, dropping you Curriculum Vitae at office, emailing resume’s to  people you know or just spending hours scanning websites for available positions have become outdated and obsolete.

No one has the time to read a pile of resumes that is mailed every day or waste time in reading CV’s on email, people have become more efficient and advanced than this and to keep up with the pace of the society you need to become a member of a social network as soon as possible.

Now you must be wondering how joining a social network can help me in getting a job. Very simple and easy, till date, the best chance of you getting a job is that a person currently employed at an office recommends your name, the chances of you receiving a job are increased if the person referring you is in a position of power or is a loyal and hardworking employee.

The key to finding a job is to develop a business network and social networks provide an excellent opportunity to do so.

You can look for all your friends, from lower school to college, previous employment office, family, in short every you know and add the people who are available on the social network, then you can update your friends through a status update, tweet or personal message that you are looking for a job, in this way all your friends will receive this information without you going through the hassle of individually calling everyone.

There is a long list of social networks on the world wide web nowadays, you can choose a network that best suits your needs but it is suggested that you make an account on the network that is more famous or widely used so you can find most of your contacts; examples of most commonly used social networks would be twitter, facebook, digg, myspace and LinkedIn etc.

Since we are talking about job hunt specifically, I would like to share with you that LinkedIn is a social network that is strictly business oriented, it wouldn’t be wrong to say it is the best place to look for a job because it is the hub of professional activity, employers are looking for hiring, sales people are making clients, etc.

A market researcher Nielsen through his report stated that nowadays people spend more time using social networks than they do checking emails.

Furthermore many surveys have indicated that from 2005 almost 27% of hiring is done on the basis or referrals, therefore it is very important that you develop a quality business network and maintain a strong relations with the network so you have greater chances of being referred.

Once you’re on a social network, you can’t just rely on tweets or status updates to get a job, you have to make tremendous effort to make an extra ordinary profile, so that if anyone is impressed by your posts and is hiring people in your profession he gets all the information he needs to hire you.

Make sure you have keyed in all your personal and professional details in the profile, don’t miss out on anything, mention the school you went to, the college you graduated from, the internships you took, the jobs you did, years of working experience, things you are good at and of course bad too etc.

It is always good too to share inspiring experiences on social networks, this induces people to keep track of your profile and notice any new information; be very careful about what you post, don’t make silly posts which cause people to not care about what you have to say, make high quality, intellectual and productive posts.

Keep in mind social networking isn’t just about getting help; it’s a two way thing, if you are kind and generous to others only then will they be willing to help you.

Another advantage obtained in your job hunt through social networks is that you can join groups that are created for the specific cause of job search.

You can post information about your profession and experience in this group and when an employer would be looking for new employees they can easily locate you. Lastly, social networks have revolutionized the job hunt process and I think it is for the greater good.


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