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Author: Steve Smakin
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Facebook to expand UK Operation via New Office in London

Facebook is expanding. It has decided to expand its UK operations via moving into a larger office in the capital London. It will also recruitnew staff for the office. Facebook is currently enjoying its offices and centres in Carnaby Street in London.

As per the reports, the social networking company will soon shift itself to the all-new 36,000square feet office situated in Covent Garden by early part of approaching year.

According to the vice president of Facebook, Joanna Shields, the company is planning to recruit new staff. This will be an integral part of the expansion for the company in UK.

With the consistent growth of Facebook, the owners and organizers are looking forward to get the best out of the popularity and grow it further. This is also the reason that they have decided to move to a larger office in the central part of London the following year.

There are more than thirty million people using Facebook on a monthly basis in the United Kingdom. The number has recently risen to over 750 million all across the globe. This has really got Facebook organizers excited about the following phase in the development.

Google is next best and happening thing among people these days. People know Google well. They trust the performance and results of Google. Google has been around serving people for a long time now. The office for Google is firmly located adjacent to the Victoria train station of London.

It is also rumoured that they have been on the serious hunt for a new office space right in the King's Cross region in London.

It is not really about Facebook and Google. Almost all social networking sites and blogs are into an expansion mode. They want to grow their offices and expand their horizons to a greater extent. This is their serious attempt to reach out to the users in a better and more organized fashion.

They want to serve users with the most advanced and best social networking technology available across the globe. This is their attempt to get popular among social networking users.

According to a recent report, Twitter, the popular Microblogging site is also on the mode of expansion. It is now preparing to start an office in London.

It is fighting against the stringent libel laws of Britain. It is also following prestigious legal authorizations. With Facebook, many other networking sites have decided to grow and serve the users better. This is ultimately increasing their popularity.


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