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Author: St. Pan
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They look good, tasty, and juicy, you call them whatever you want to, but when you eat them you should do it knowingly. If you could be given a whole cube of butter, would you eat it? No? Then do not eat any foods below, foods that are actually cubes of fats.

Before you read about the following dishes, I would advise you to do it with full bellies.

They sound good and most likely most of you have tasted them at least once, but even so, the next time you crave them think that you are actually eating pieces of butter in large quantities and you know it well that it is sickening.

Fried Fish

Fish is good for your health, unless it is soaked in oil and fried in a pan.

In some fast food restaurants that serve fish meals it was found to contain
over 130 grams of fat.


- Most salads, especially those made by you, are healthy and contain no fat.

the ones you buy and include chicken, bacon, croutons and dressing, you should remove from the menu. Of course, vegetal oils is allowed and even healthy, especially the olive one.


Most people who eat burgers know that they are full of fat, but they are surprised whenever it is remembered how many "pieces of butter" (fat) it is in them. When you eat a burger imagine that the two pieces of bread is a large piece of butter with some absolutely delicious flavors.

Make a test: go to McDonald's, turn down the paper that you receive on the server and watch the amounts of calories and fats for that tinny little hamburger.
We have arrived at only half of them and you are not allowed to say that "it's raining you in the mouth"!


- Shakes, smoothies and however you want to call them
can be healthy, but I repeat: if you made them without sugar or fat.

The ones you buy in stores can end up with about the same amount of fat as a serving of fried fish.
Sounds unreal, doesn't it?

Fried chicken

- It may be it "ultra" - delicious, but the fact is that fried chicken from fast-food is the easiest way to introduce body fat.

When you think that those pieces of chicken are healthier than a hamburger, you made the first mistake do not be so gullible!


- With this food I had suffered a "knock-out kick" because I eat it with pleasure, I dare saying it is one of my favorite dishes.

Even so,
it makes sense to have many unhealthy fats when they are done with so much cheese.

No one says to permanently avoid these foods (although it would be perfect), but avoid them as much as you can and when you really decide to “sin” make sure you won’t eat them often and in abusive amounts. 


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