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Author: Gloria V. Pan
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Do I have to take all my clothes off for a massage?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who are getting them massaged for the first time. This is also one of the major concerns among those who do not want to take their clothes off during a massage session.

A traditional Swedish massage is done without any clothes on. However, it is possible to keep wearing the underwear on if you do not feel comfortable taking it off.

There are many spa treatments that allow you to keep your clothes on during a session. These include Thai Massage, Reiki, craniosacral therapy, and reflexology.

Another option is to get a facial with your robe on. However, this may not be quite as beneficial as what a hardcore massage session will do for you.

In case, you have some concerns related to being seen naked during massage, there are some important things that you should know:

* You need to remove your robe or any of the street clothes you are wearing. Thereafter you need to get under a sheet and blanket. A towel will also be offered by a therapist.

* The therapist will not be present in the room when you are changing your clothes.

* The therapist will enter the room only after you have changed or taken your clothes off.

* The therapist will knock the door before entering.

* You will be covered with a sheet all the time.

* The part of body that needs to be massaged will be exposed by the therapist.

* The law in the U.S. does not allow nudity in spas.

* In case, you are travelling to Europe, nudity during spa and massage is a more relaxed affair in most countries here.

Being nude is a great concern among first-time spa-visitors. This is also one of the most common questions asked in a spa by the clients.

Some do not like the idea to go nude during a massage. They do not like the idea of the therapist seeing them in the state of nudity. Getting nude in front of a stranger is not a cup of tea for many.

However, it is not essential to get nude in the spa or massage parlor. The concerns and apprehensions of a client are always respected.

You can always wear underwear if you want to. This will make you feel comfortable. Draping techniques are widely used at North American spas. Hence, you would not be exposed anyway.

European spas are known to be quite relaxed with the issue of nudity during a massage. They do not believe in using techniques of elaborate draping.

In fact, men and women take steam and sauna baths together, nude.

If you are going for a Swedish massage, you will be nude. In case you possess any doubts about this, you can always speak to your therapist. The therapist will not force you in to anything that you are not comfortable at.

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