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Hydro massage is a type of the hydro therapy detached from naturist medicine and it's based on external usage of water for therapeutic purposes.

It's acting like a manual massage, through water jets with high pressure for relaxing your muscles and for stimulating the circulation.

Over time, this type of massage have gained lots of adepts, being used for many affections of the body:


Arthritis, fevers, accidents in the cervical area, Crohn's disease, acute and chronic pain, insomnia, spondylitis, multiple sclerosis and moreover, it eliminates stress, helps at post-operative recovery, reduces cerebral tension and if, you are pregnant, it eliminates the discomfort.

In case you are on a diet, you can practice some sessions of hydro massage because it helps at accelerating the losing weight process.

In addition, as cellulite is the no. 1 enemy for almost every woman, the estheticians recommend hydro massage made under thermal and marine water jets, lighter or stronger for stimulating circulation.

Moreover, through hydro massage you eliminate the toxins from your body, by practicing a lent massage, with a regulated pressure over the lymphatic vessels.

The warm water jets open the pores and your
skin will become softer, shining of health.

Many beauty centers are equipped with pools that have water jets under pressure, for every part of your body.

These jets can be adjusted, in order to be softer or stronger, colder or warmer, on the client's needs and desires.

In case the hydro massage pool is one of big dimensions, you can try Watsu sessions.

This massage needs warm water mixed with light movements of the body, meaning leanings, floating, stretching and even some dance moves.
This way you will succeed in having a bigger mobility of your spine and to relax all your groups of muscles.

If you want a hydro massage with mineral salt, these will be better absorbed if the water's temperature is the same with your body.

You can also opt for a hydro massage full of flavors
, by adding into water different essential oils, obtaining this way a tonic massage and a relaxation of the sinuses.

Don't try to make hydro massage on an empty stomach or right after what you ate, when you are very tired or you suffer of some severe infections of your body.

You can start the mornings with a hydro massage with cold water for refreshing and you will notice after a quart of hour that the sleepy feeling will disappear.

In the evenings, for relaxing, try a hydro massage at a temperature a bit higher than your body's.

The indicated duration for this one is half an hour.

Hydro massage isn't indicated if:

- You are pregnant (exception: if you are supervised by a specialist)

You suffered major injuries on your body

You follow a treatment with medication (ask your GP first)

You have high tension or heart problemsIf you don't want to go frequently at a center which provides you this, you can buy a bathtub with hydro massage.

This way, anytime you want, after a solicitant meeting at the office, you can relax, succeeding to improve your tonus and your health.


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