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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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It's been represented a true trend on our grandmothers and mothers era and then it began to be neglected because of the technological boom that entered into the aesthetical centers.

Now, when we started again to be interested in natural means of recovering and maintaining beauty, facial massage re-entered into the spotlight of the beauty addict women.

Facial massage it is especially practiced by the cosmetician in spa centers.

Very few form the classical masseurs are also doing facial massage, maybe only in the case of holistic massage such as shiatsu where face and head are included as areas of interest.

It is to be preferred for the aesthetician to practice facial massage because this one supposes an efficient "warm up" of the facial skin by facilitating with huge success the absorption of concentrates and serums.

There are more types of facial massage, depending on the sought result.

In a way or another, any cosmetician appeals to the massage techniques when he proceeds a cosmetic treatment in order to help the entrance of the active ingredients as deeper as possible into the derma.

Still, the visible, powerful, antiaging, anti-wrinkles and lifting effects or the area remodeling or the elimination of the voluminous hollow eyes effects are appearing only in certain conditions, when the massage is practiced regularly, two times a week and has a duration of at least 20 minutes.

Of course, different serums and concentrates adequate to that certain skin type are required for maximum effects.

Facial massage is representing one of the natural means of releasing the muscular tension
for the facial skin and even more if it is completed by the massage of the cervical area, the neck muscles, the paravertebral area, but also of the superior part of the scapula and shoulders.

This way, most of the accumulated stress in our body is being eliminated
and this is because at the level of face, neck, cleavage, backhead there are more reflexogenic areas, extremely well vascularized and innervated.

By stimulating these reflexogenic points the effect is fast and your face is recovering its vitality and luminosity and, moreover, the unpleasant expressions are cleared and the skin is improving its tonus and texture's quality.

Moreover, this facilitates the elimination of dead skin cells by sustaining the regeneration.

Facial massage can stop the passing of the time by fighting with the effects of gravity and ageing and diminishing of the imprinted expressions such as frowning and by improving the general aspect of the skin through stimulating the circulation.

Hollow eyes are also eliminated.

Circular movements in the eyes area, from the internal corner to temples helps at preventing eye bags and retention.

It is also to be known that every movement is done from the median area to lateral areas, pushing this way the toxins and activating the circulation from the less accessible areas.        

So, if you want a recovering treatment for your skin or a maintaining one, facial massage is the best solution: is efficient, natural and quite miraculous, not to mention that it is also a very good way for relaxing and getting rid of stress.


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