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The Myth of the Perfect Wife

Aware that there is no such thing as perfection, we still get up every day with the desire to be perfect in almost every way. Even when it's about "us" in a relationship, from all the fierce desires of achieving the finishing touch, the one of being the "perfect wife" is on most people's lips. I do not know which members of a couple earnestly fulfill their dreams of being a perfect wife/husband - it seems to be the unnecessary pressure of women over their own selves, but sometimes the absolute fulfillment of the projection of men - "I want a perfect wife," they say assert. Regardless of from where the wish comes, the first question to try revealing the mystery is what actually means the "perfect wife"?
Marriage without passion

A line from a movie that caught me at dawn is suiting perfectly for the present article. A woman explains to a gentleman who chases her that she doesn't believe in premarital sex. An accidental listener asks, confused, "but what other type of sex is there?Ē Well, it doesn't in many cases. This is a real posting discovered on a site that I won't reveal to you: "I have a magnificent husband, responsible, caring and honest, but the problem is that we have sex once or twice a year. He works full-time and he is extremely tired when he gets home - he fell asleep before 7 p.m. when he was a bachelor, he used to have numerous sleepless nights and to go to clubs, but now, since we are married, he acts like a retired person even if he is only 35 years old.
Man: The Weak Link in a Marriage?

Although the divorce rate has stabilized, there is still being a spectacular growth of the chances of a newlywed couple to end divorcing. For instance, in USA, in 1890, about 10% were getting divorced, in 1920, the number had slightly grown until 18%, in 1950, it was about 30% and in 1970, already 50% of the couples were divorcing. Moreover, in 1990 the image becomes atrocious: 67% of the married ones were getting divorced. The ascendant tendency is kept in most of the developed countries. If things will remain like this, only 3 from 10 couples will live with the warrantee of accomplish the "until death tear us apart" oath.
5 Things Women Don't Want to Hear From Men

Articles about what you should tell a woman, how you should treat her, what would she like, are everywhere. Still, do you, men, really know what we donít want to hear? made a list for you with the most uninspired men's lines for their partners.
Sharing Duties, the Secret of a Happy Marriage

When you share the responsibilities with the beloved one, you actually work for your relationship. The correct sharing of the duties is a good sign for the longevity of your relationship. The tradition according to which the woman makes everything regarding house holding begins to disappear, especially with the help of the young ones, who prefer to split their home duties, especially when they both have jobs. If all the duties are in the responsibility of a single partner, frustrations and tensions may appear. All these can be avoided trough an equitable arrangement. The secret of marriage's longevity
When Marriage Becomes Obsession

I do not know if for reasons strictly related to society (a judicial society and reluctant to change) or because of a family instinct, but many women want to be married and if that does not happen quickly, they suffer as if nothing would no longer worth their smile. There are some women to whom the marital status gives them such a great satisfaction that they make from this desire a real goal, a goal becoming a real burden. Because, without realizing it, they seek ephemeral happiness : it's like you want as many obsessive shoes, no matter if they are ugly, do not fit you or not suit you, you not even wear them, but you buy them.
5 Rules to Ignore in a Couple

These secrets that I am going to reveal to you are not conventional at all, because I believe in the dynamism of the relationships. Only because you got used to make some things in a certain way doesn't necessarily mean that they are good. Remember how much your life improved when you gave up to the incommode jeans with low waist, when you started dating with real men or when you surfed the net in the middle of the city, from your cell phone. The experts in relationships claim that if you break the next 7 rules in love, things will change in good!
Wedding Rules: Changing Traditions

Weddings are incomplete without rituals and customs. These rituals and customs are passed down from one generation to the other. It is also true that these traditions keep changing and modified from time to time as per the convenience of the new generation. With the passage of time, things and preferences change. However the basic elements of these traditions remain the same. This is also the reason that most of the old traditions and customs are still maintained in marriages these days.
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