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Signs your Husband is attracted another Woman

Marriage is of course a commitment. This means that it would not be good to have affairs with anyone other than your spouse. However, to err is human. It is quite possible for a man and a woman to seek pleasure outside marriage.

Men are more prone to getting attracted to other women. If you are worried that your man has got attracted to other woman and want to know about the truth, you need to watch for the signs. Here are signs that tell you that your husband is attracted to another woman.

Top Signs to Watch Out for:

Sign 1:

Your hubby darling appears to be extremely happy out of the blue. Reason? Well it may be something he is really excited about or a new woman who has entered in your life. In case, you are not able to make out the reason behind his unusually happy mood, he has definitely found a new chick.

Sign 2:

If you notice sudden wild mood swings your husband is going through, something is really wrong. Watch out if he becomes extremely excited at one moment and quite depressed the next. This may be because things are not going the way he has planned them.

Sign 3:

Has your husband adopted a strange habit of changing his schedule every now and then? For instance, he starts coming home very late and starts leaving for work early. Additionally, he is unavailable in the office at lunch time, especially when you call him.

Sign 4:

His affection towards you and sex drive declines. This is because his center of attraction now is someone else.

Sign 5:

The respect he had towards you suddenly disappears. He becomes violent towards you and starts indulging in physical and emotional abuse towards you.

This is out of frustration that he cannot be with other woman because of you and the responsibilities towards you.

Sign 6:

His wardrobe changes suddenly. He starts liking jazzy and ‘young’ things.

Sign 7:

He starts paying special attention to his physical appearance. He starts going to the gym or starts visiting a parlor more frequently and even starts experimenting with his look. His personal grooming sessions becomes very important for him.

Sign 8:

He starts acting really wary and more mysterious. He starts receiving more number of text alerts. He takes his call to other room and says that it is related to work.

Sign 9:

Things in his car goes misadjusted. The seats are adjusted in a weird way, the mileage is unexplained, and presence of an extra coffee cup. The smell of perfume on the passenger seat is also a warning sign.

Sign 10:

He is glued to his mobile phone all the time. He takes it everywhere even to the bathroom! He would never let the phone go out of site.

If all his incoming, dialed and received call and message list are deleted from his phone, it means that he is hiding something really serious from you.


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