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Author: Steve Smakin
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Utlimate Chocolate Recipes from Cocoa Nibs to Natural Detoxfication

Chocolate has always been loved for its unique taste by people all across the globe. In fact, it is also known to be very hard to resist for those who love eating desserts. Weight watchers love chocolate but they stay away from it due to the calories and sugar content involved.

However, chocolate is not just about good taste and its qualities to make fabulous desserts. Researches and studies have proved that there are many health benefits of consuming chocolate.

Most people do not know that it consists of strong anti-ageing properties. The best part is that it can act as a natural detoxification element.

In order to benefit from the health benefitting properties of chocolate, it is important to know about accurate recipes that would work for you. Dark chocolate is known to be the best option that can work as a natural detoxification agent for you.

It tastes pure, delicious and the aroma is worth tons of appreciation. If you are a true chocolate lover, then the information offered below can be truly beneficial for you.

Cocoa trees are grown widely in a small northern and southern area of the equator all across the globe. The reason is that the area is perfect for growing cocoa trees and the climate here promotes healthy and wide growth of cocoa plants.

The growing state can vary. The soil condition, natural minerals found in the soil and a lot more can affect the growth of cocoa plants. Rainfall also plays a significant role in the cocoa plant development in the area.

In case, you are a chocoholic, you do not have to feel guilty about eating raw chocolate. In fact, the antioxidant rich chocolate will work towards detoxifying your body via expelling harmful toxins from the body effectively and in a timely manner. Do you know that chocolate consists of more than 350 varied chemicals and raw cacao?

It also consists of the following vital ingredients that work towards detoxifying your bosy:

* Theobromine
* Theophylline
* Caffeine
* Phenylethlamine

Caffeine and theobromine are known to be stimulants that occur naturally in the environment.

Phenylethlamine is an element found in chocolate that evokes a general feeling of wellbeing, happiness and contentment.

This may lead to cravings but will help you come out of the depression level that you suffer from. Since, chocolate contains typical ‘feel good’ chemicals; it results in uncontrollable cravings and addiction in regular users.

There is no doubt that chocolate is potent to act as a great stimulant, incredible anti-aging element and an average detoxification ingredient. Depending only on chocolate for detoxifying the body will not be a wise thing to do.

Consult an experienced health care practitioner who can help you recommend some health friendly chocolate detoxification recipes.

This will help you choose a diet plan that is suited for your body type and designed keeping in mind your specific detoxification requirements.
All the best!


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