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Author: Gloria V. Pan
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How to deal with Tattoo Pain: Ways to Minimize the Pain

Tattoos are cool. They are happening and in vogue. You can look like a chic or dude sporting it. However, in spite of knowing this, there are only a few who have the courage to get their body inked. Reason? The fear of pain!

It is a fact that if you are not a masochist, tattoos will hurt you a lot. This does not mean that you should completely abandon the idea of receiving a beautiful tattoo on your body. There are several tips you can follow in order to deal with the pain. The tips offered below will help you deal with the pain easily and even minimize it to a certain extent.

Reasons you want to get a tattoo

Do you know that most people suffer from pain more because they are not sure of why they want one on their skin? If you are serious about reducing the pain, it is important to make a list of reasons you want the tattoo for. This will give you will power and ability to fight the pain off.

Speak to your artist

It is a good idea to have a rendezvous session with your tattoo artist after you finalize your design. Do not get anything done on the body that day. Just speak to the artist. This will make you feel better. Prepare a list of questions and doubts you have in your mind and discuss them all.

The most important thing is to ask about the number of sessions it will take for the tattoo to be completed on your body. Try going for little ones initially as they can be done in a single sitting.

Do NOT get drunk

Taking drugs and alcohol is illegal before the tattoo. Taking aspirin will make you bleed more. The best thing to understand is that every beautiful achievement needs a price to be paid. Here, it will definitely hurt. There are no short cuts.

Calm yourself

Once the tattoo artist prepares your skin, just lie down and calm yourself. You must breathe deep and make some efforts to relive the tension. While breathing in, push the air down intentionally to your lower body. Fill half of your lungs. The idea is to raise your lower abdomen when breathing in.

Entertain yourself

Most tattoo salons have a television and music system to entertain the clients. You can have fun while talking to your artist. Just chat with the artist and you can take your mind away from the pain.


Counting backwards from 100 will really work. This is the best way to divert your attention. Try to remember a funny incidence or story. This will make you laugh. This is also a great relief from the pain.

Happy Place

You should go to your happy place. The key is to imagine yourself on the beach, mountains or a place that you love.

After effects

Imagine the after effect of the tattoo. Imagine that you are flaunting it to your friends and getting compliments for it. This is the best way to keep the pain away.

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